Mobile lights & sound



Party / Family reunion


We provide musical entertainment and light shows, to transform your venue into a dance floor.
Suitable for anniversaries, parties, birthdays and small gatherings.

Wedding / Anniversary party


We offer a complete wedding service, including PA system for the ceremony, afternoon crooner music and evening party celebrations.

Social events


Our light ramp Rock Star will enhance any ball or business event. is an online platform that allows you to easily generate a publicly accessible playlist, where you and your friends or customers compile a playlist of music for your event. Whether you need to create a playlist for your corporate party, wedding or other important day, Mujplaylist makes it easy to select songs that will please everyone at the event.



Smart LED bracelet

Programmable bracelet which can be personalised with a logo or text



1 person
sound only
8 hours of production

5 000 CZK


2 persons
lights + sound
8 hours of production

10 000 CZK


individual tailor-made conditions
according to the scope and complexity of the installation

price by agreement

Sound for the ceremony - 1 500 CZK
Extension of production performance - 800 CZK per hour
Shipping fee - 8 CZK per kilometer

About us

Who we are and what we do

We are a creative team, dedicated to music and light shows for small and medium size venues – weddings, parties, family reunions, birthday parties etc.

Why are we doing it?

This workservice is also our hobby. We follow the latest technologies and use modern hardware. We treat every request individually to fullfill any requirement.

Where do we aim to be?

Our goal is to provide entertainment to a high technical and esthetic level. Therefore we would not consider using old light effects and running all night on “autopilot” or “sound active mode”. We focus on the best possible service at an affordable price.

What else do we offer?

A minimum of two persons will be present on-site at each venue. We swap the roles of DJ and VJ (visual), so you get actually 2 different moderators for the same price.


If you are interested in our services please fill-in the contact form.

We will respond as soon as possible with an answer to your question or with a price offer for your venue.

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